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Infra Structure

  • Centralized library with huge collection of text bookswith more volumes and titles, National and International journals, Wi-fi internet facility and access to Elseveir journals.
  • Spacious , well ventilated lecture halls equipped with projectors.
  • Spacious, elaborately arranged and equipped laboratories.
  • Machine room with latest machines A/C Auditorium and seminar hall
  • Animal house with CPCSEA , New Delhi,approval.
  • Museum
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls with best facilities and homely atmosphere in hygienic conditions monitored by strict vigilance of the wardens.

Co-curricular activities

  • Games and sports- the institution has provided facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis, Caroms, Badminton, Chess and Gym centre. Play ground is available for Cricket, Basket ball, Foot ball etc. The institution has appointed physical director to train students in games and sports.
  • NSS- As part of University National Service Scheme, awareness programmes are conducted at various villages in Warangal.


International & National Journals and Magazines

  • International journal of Biopharmaceutics
  • International journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical research
  • International journal of Pharmaceutical Development & technology
  • International journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and Nanotechnology
  • Indian Journal of Chemistry(Section B)
  • Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Indian journal of Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Indian journal of Pharmacology
  • Indian journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
  • Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research
  • Indian journal of Natural Products
  • Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts
  • Natural Products Radiance
  • Journal of Pharmacy and Chemistry
  • Journal of Natural Remedies
  • CRIPS pharmacy
  • Pharmacognosy Magazine
  • Pharmacognosy Reviews
  • Indian Drugs
  • The Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine
  • The Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine
  • Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Indian journal of Pharmacy practice
  • Current Science
  • Indian journal of Pharmacy practice
  • IJPER(Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education & Sciences)
  • IJPR(International journal of Pharmaceutical Research)
  • Herbal Tech Industry
  • Pharma Next
  • Pharma Buzz
  • Indian Pharmacist
  • The Pharma Review
  • The Antiseptic
  • Phytopharm
  • Pharma Times
  • Pharma Bio World
  • Advanced Bio Tech
  • Express Pharma
  • Science Reporter
  • MIMS
  • CIMS
  • IDR
  • E-ADR
  • Health Action
  • House Calls
  • Yoga
  • Starting Winning Today
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