Realizing the growing importance of Pharmacy at the Global front, in general, and India in particular, the Society established the Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy, in the year 1997, offering a 4 – year degree course, B. Pharm. Understanding the need for a bridge course, Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm.) was later introduced in the year 2003.

1.Diploma in Pharmacy: 60 seats

2.Bachelor of pharmacy: 100 seats

3.Pharm D, 6 yrs( 5 yrs study and 1yr internship) : 30 seats

Being succeeded in UG and diploma courses, the importance and the growing need of masters program for a better carrier it was felt by the institution and commenced M. Pharm program in the year 2004-05. Since then the program was strengthened with approvals from various bodies like AICTE, New Delhi and Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi.

With the increasing demands of pharmaceutical industry and research, the M. Pharm program has been expanded with various specializations:




(c).Pharmaceutical chemistry-15

(d).Pharmaceutical Analysis-15

5.Pharm D, Post Baccalaureate (3ys) : 10 seats

Pharm .D and Pharm .D (Post Baccalaureate) program were started in the year 2008.To meet the growing requirements of the hospital and clinical experience and to overcome the problems faced by Indian pharmacy graduated in practicing the pharmacy profession in foreign countries,